Community Redevelopment Agency

The Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Bradenton uses increases in property value, called Increment Revenue, for a limited time within a deteriorating area to transform it into one that contributes to the City's overall health. The Downtown, Central, and Tamiami Trail redevelopment areas have been identified and designated. The Agency frames our activities according to sustainable redevelopment and balances economic, environmental, and societal synergies to measure our success. The Bradenton CRA adheres to Florida's "Community Redevelopment Act of 1969", aligning our redevelopment plans to this statute. Our grants, incentives, capital projects, and investments adhere to the tenets of our plans, creating a succinct alignment.

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Here are the latest copies of the sustainable redevelopment plans for our three Community Redevelopment Areas.


Where exactly are the City’s three Community Redevelopment Areas? Learn about opportunities within these vital areas and watch the process as the development happens.



View information on the CRA Board, audit, annual report, grants, and incentives.



Discover the beauty of our City through public art. Explore upcoming projects and opportunities for artists to contribute to our vibrant community.