Business Impact Estimates

In accordance with section 166.041(4)(c), Florida Statutes, beginning October 1, 2023, counties and municipalities are required to complete a “business impact estimate” for proposed ordinances, subject to exemptions noted in the Law. 

If the proposed ordinance pertains to one or more boxes below, this means the City of Bradenton is of the view that a business impact estimate is not required by state law.

  • The proposed ordinance is required for compliance with Federal or State law or regulation;
  • The proposed ordinance relates to the issuance or refinancing of debt;
  • The proposed ordinance relates to the adoption of budgets or budget amendments, including revenue sources necessary to fund the budget;
  • The proposed ordinance is required to implement a contract or an agreement, including, but not limited to, any Federal, State, local, or private grant or other financial assistance accepted by the municipal government;
  • The proposed ordinance is an emergency ordinance;
  • The ordinance relates to procurement; or
  • The proposed ordinance is enacted to implement the following:
    1. Part II of Chapter 163, Florida Statutes, relating to growth policy, county and municipal planning, and land development regulation, including zoning, development orders, development agreements and development permits;
    2. Sections 190.005 and 190.046, Florida Statutes, regarding community development districts;
    3. Section 553.73, Florida Statutes, relating to the Florida Building Code; or
    4. Section 633.202, Florida Statutes, relating to the Florida Fire Prevention Code.

Ordinances that are not exempt, will be posted below: