CRA Grants

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 Neighborhood Pride Grant Program

This grant program was designed to incentivize homeowner associations, community associations, neighborhood organizations, as well as groups of interested CRA district residents in neighborhoods not otherwise represented by an association or organization to come together for the betterment of their community. This grant allows for up to $5,000 for projects such as neighborhood signs, directional signs, street trees, lighting, entryway beautification, community clean up, public art, landscaping, park or playground equipment, historical landmarks, bicycle racks, benches and other pedestrian amenities.

 Unchain My Fence Grant Program

An 80%(CRA)/20%(Applicant) matching grant up to $6,000 available for both residential and commercial properties, with a maximum of up to $8,000 if the property is located on a corner lot. Eligible properties must be located within one of the three (3) CRA Districts.

This program’s focus is to improve the overall appearance of the neighborhood, reduce front yard chain link fences and replace them with decorative fencing.