Bradenton Parks


Visit any one of these fantastic parks located in the City of Bradenton!




 Bradenton Riverwalk

The Bradenton Riverwalk is a 2.03-mile stretch of land lying between the Green and DeSoto bridges along the banks of the Manatee River. It is a major expansion of Rossi Park.

Visitors can enjoy a safe walking path along the river, fishing, beach volleyball, a skateboard park, entertainment events and many educational activities along the way.

Please click the link to read about the features of the park and to see a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

View photos of the Eastward expansion of the Riverwalk here.

Pickleball courts at 17th Ave. Park
Play Pickleball at 17th Ave. Park

 17th Avenue West Park

17th Ave. W. and 17th-22nd Streets W.

This cozy park features tennis and pickleball courts, and is one of the shadiest locations in the City – the perfect place to escape the Florida sun.
This park also features jungle gyms, a large swing set, a merry-go-round, picnic tables, a gazebo, several trash receptacles and public restrooms. The trees almost entirely shelter the park from the sun with the exception of the tennis courts. The park is surrounded on three sides by a neighborhood, and the entrance to the park is set back from busy 17th Ave. W. and surrounded by a rail fence. 
This is one of two public parks located under a water tower (the other is The Park at Olde Westfield), so it’s easy to find. Parking is at the 17th Ave entrance. 
Playground in the shade at 28th St. West Park
There is lots of natural shade to enjoy at 28th St. Park

 28th Street Park

12th Ave. W. & 28th St. W.

In a quiet, middle-class neighborhood, this peaceful park is the perfect setting for a cookout with the family under shady trees or a game of catch in unobstructed open space.

Shade trees cover half the park, but the portion at 13th Avenue West and 28th Street is primarily open green space. The park is surrounded by a wooden, rail fence. The park also offers two grills for cookouts and a water fountain, picnic tables and a gazebo and trash receptacles. For the younger crowd, there’s a jungle gym, swing set, merry-go-‘round, and tot slide.

The park, which has been part of the City’s parks system for more than 30 years, also has two memorial trees and area lighting.


Community Gardens at John & Rebecca Neal Park
Community Gardens at Neal Park

 John & Rebecca Neal Park

1740 Ballard Park Drive

John & Rebecca Neal Park features the City's only Community Gardens site. The City's newest waterfront park also has a kayak launch into Wares Creek. Kayaking in Wares Creek is recommended for those without much kayak experience, as the water is shallow.

From the observation pier, beautiful vistas of Florida scenery can be seen. The pier can also be used for fishing.
The Community Gardens offer 47 plots and a red barn tool shed. For up-to-date information about plots available at the Community Gardens, please contact Bill Ackles at Bradenton Community Gardens Program, 101 Old Main Street, Bradenton, FL 34205 or by calling 941-932-9425.


ADA-compliant playground
ADA-compliant playground for 5-12-year-olds

 Lewis Park

First Ave. W. between 30-31st streets

A partnership between the City of Bradenton and the Rotary Club has resulted in Lewis Park becoming the area's first completely ADA-compliant playground. There are two playgrounds, one for ages 2-5 and another for 5-12-year-olds. 

Lewis Park is a neighborhood park set several blocks from the hustle and bustle of busy Manatee Avenue. Even with the new playgrounds, it has numerous shade trees and is next door to the Manatee River Garden Club. It is an ideal spot for a picnic or simple stroll in the shade. Small, pedestrian bridges span a small creek where various Florida water fowl linger during the day. 
Ample parking is available between the Garden Club building and the park itself.

 Love Park

11th Ave. W. and Second St. W.

Dedicated to Clarence L. Love, Sr., a Bradenton City Councilman from 1976-80, Love Park sits in the heart of central Bradenton just a block west of First Street/U.S. 301.

The small, neighborhood park includes playground equipment, picnic tables and benches, trash cans and – unique to this City park  – stone benches with adjoining tables that have checkerboards painted on their surface.

A concrete path winds through the park, shade trees cover portions of it and a small parking lot is located just off 11th Avenue West. But this is primarily a neighborhood park and parking can be hard to find. A chain-link fence surrounds the park, which is bordered on three sides by residential housing and to the east by St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church.

A stone monument at the park’s entrance honors Councilman Love. To read more about Clarence L. Love, Sr., visit the Website The History Makers.


Beautiful Mineral Springs Park East
Mineral Springs Park leading into the boardwalk & Riverwalk

 Mineral Springs Park at Riverwalk East

Second Ave. E. & 14th St. E.

A State historical marker at Manatee Mineral Springs (formerly known as Indian Spring) Park describes the rich history of this location, named after a natural spring used by American Indians. 
Now a traditional neighborhood park in the heart of the Old Manatee district, the park is one of the region’s oldest parks on record – and there are plans to add to it. The park has picnic tables, a gazebo, connected story plaques, and a vacant tract attached to the park is the future site of Reflections of Manatee Inc. Historical Complex, which will pay homage to the founding of Manatee Settlement in 1842. Early pioneers came to this area to collect fresh water from the spring and get their mail from the postmaster.
In 2006, the park's natural spring was designated a "Florida Natural Spring" by the Florida Geological Survey of Natural Springs. Also, the park's giant black bead tree growing next to the spring was put on the National Register of Big Trees in 2007. Near the park is another State Historical marker commemorating the site of Josiah Gates’ home and a 20-room, three-story building known as the Gates House. Historical records show Gates constructed the larger building to serve as a hotel of sorts for newly arriving settlers and visitors.
Entrance sign at Martin Luther King Jr. Park
Welcome to Martin Luther King Jr. Park

 Martin Luther King Jr Park

509 Ninth Ave. W.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Park, named for the great civil rights leader, is a true example of the preservation of public green space in a growing, urban setting. Located at the corner of Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave. West & Sixth Street West, it became the City of Bradenton’s first new park in 20 years when it opened in January 2003.

MLK Park is an example of a public/private partnership working together to give something back to the citizens of Bradenton. The many contributors, ranging from government entities to Bradenton businesses, are recognized on a beautiful monument at the park’s entrance on Sixth Street.

The park includes new playground equipment, picnic tables & benches and is surrounded by a 6-foot-high aluminum fence, which was paid for by Tropicana Products Inc., a longtime contributor to the Bradenton community, to separate the park from the busy streets.

Bridge that leads to a sports field at Norma Lloyd Park
Come on in to Norma Lloyd Park
Playground at Norma Lloyd Park
Playground at Norma Lloyd Park

 Norma Lloyd Park

2305 13th Ave. East 

Norma Lloyd came to Bradenton from Terre Haute, IN in 1971 and became a local hero for rallying local resources and volunteers to expand Little League and softball offerings in the city and county.

After years of fighting for local kids to have a place to play, and of acting as coach, scorekeeper, umpire, administrator and doing any other thing that needed to be done, Norma Lloyd Park was named for her in1995.

Amenities at the park include batting cages, picnic tables, a pond, playgrounds, a football field, little league and tee ball fields.

Mrs. Lloyd also founded the area's Challenger League for mentally and/or physically challenged youth.

Palma Sola Causeway spans Palma Sola Bay
Palma Sola Causeway spans Palma Sola Bay

 Palma Sola Causeway

State Rd. 64 spanning Palma Sola Bay

The Palma Sola Causeway isn't an actual park, but it's one of the area's most popular recreational spots.

The causeway is the portion of State Road 64 that spans Palma Sola Bay between west Bradenton and Perico Island. The popularity of the causeway as a recreational spot prompted the City to improve the lighting and sidewalks and add parking bollards and landscaping.

The causeway also has basic restrooms and covered picnic tables with grills. Fishing is permitted at the causeway.  Overnight camping is not allowed.

Parking is available on both sides of the causeway. Dogs and horses also are permitted on the causeway, but owners must follow local laws regarding animals. There are numerous trash receptacles available to deposit animal waste.

Open consumption of alcohol is not permitted at the causeway.




 Park at Olde Westfield

Sixth Ave. W. & 30th St. W.

This park is the heart and soul of the Olde Westfield Neighborhood Association, which formed in late 2004 and made the rehabilitation of its neighborhood park the No. 1 priority.

The park has lighting, a gazebo, two jungle gyms for kids, picnic tables and more. Formerly referred to as Watertower Park because it is located under one of the City’s water towers, the park was renamed in 2006.

The shaded park has a fence along its western boundary and features a water fountain, swing set, merry-go-‘round, benches, and trash cans. 
Landscaping at the entrance to Glazier Gates Tot Park
Beautiful landscaping welcomes you into the Tot Park
Playground at Glazier Gates Tot Park
Soft artificial surface is a feature at this park

 Tot Park

1100 3rd Ave. E

The Tot Park is located next to the Preserve at Riverwalk apartment complex and is across the street from the Glazier Gates Park project, which is under construction.

The playground area, which is built in an oval shape, features a new, softer artificial flooring instead of traditional mulch or sand.

The updated playground features slides, swings, climbing apparatus and open flex play areas. 

The park also has covered pavilion areas and a smart phone app-enabled interactive feature that directs youngsters around the playground.

Lovely landscaping leads into the park with benches and also covered seating areas. 

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