Building Division FAQs

How Do I Apply for a Building Permit?

What are the Building Department hours of operation?

Who can tell me what I am allowed to build on my property?
Prior to new construction or additions, it is best to contact the Planning and Zoning Department at 941-932-9414.

As a homeowner, can I apply for my own building permit?
Yes, if you are competent to perform the work and if you meet the owner/builder exemption. You will be required to read, understand and certify compliance through the completion of the Owner/Builder Affidavit. (To obtain a copy of this form, please send an email to  Warning: If you are allowed the exemption, you take all the responsibilities and liabilities as a contractor.

What do I need in order to apply for a permit?
For documents required, please visit the Building Department located in City Hall, 101 Old Main (12th St. W.), or call 941-932-9414.

Can I apply for a permit online?
Customers may apply for some permits via the City of Bradenton’s Online Email Permitting System. A list of permit types that can be applied for online will be helpful in that process. Note: Homeowner’s applying as contractor must apply in-person.

How much does a permit cost?
The cost varies based on the permit type. The Fee Schedule has all the information you need. Please contact Permitting@cityofbradenton for a copy of the Fee Schedule.

What are the most important factors in hiring a contractor?
It is important to know if the contractor has a valid License/Certificate of Competency, if he/she can provide recent references, or if the contractor has expired permits. Other important information you should also know:

  • You can check with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation for complaints against a contractor's license.
  • Use a contractor that will fulfill their contract and return after completion of the job for warranty issues.
  • Compliance with the Code is ultimately the responsibility of the property owner. Be sure that all inspections have been approved and that you are satisfied with the work before making final payment to a contractor.
How do I register as a contractor with the City of Bradenton?

How can I check the progress of my permit application?
Customers can check the status of their permit application plans review, fees and inspections through the Online Permit Search.

Can I start work when I submit a permit application before it is approved?
No - not usually. In an emergency such as air-conditioning or water heater replacement with the approval of the Building Official, work up to the first required inspection may be allowed. Otherwise, you must have the permit posted at the job site prior to commencing work.

How much time do I have to get the work completed once the permit is issued?
Permits expire and become null and void if work is not started and an inspection is not approved within 180 days from the issuance date of the permit. After such work has commenced, the permit will expire when work is suspended or abandoned for a period of 6 months unless a passed inspection is obtained.

How can I reinstate an expired permit?
To reinstate an expired permit the contractor of record, or an Authorized Agent will need to complete the Permit Extension/Reinstatement Form, which can be requested by email from and attach a letter of explanation as to why the permit expired without receiving the required inspections. Once complete, you can bring the request in-person or email to  for approval by the Building Official. If approved, the fee to reinstate will be the cost of permit unless the project was $200 or more, at which the cost to reinstate will be $200.

When do I need a Notice of Commencement (NOC) and where do I file it?
A Notice of Commencement can be filed at the Manatee County Clerk of the Court, 1115 Manatee Ave. W., and is required when the value of the work exceeds $5,000. In the case of repairing or replacing an existing heating or air-conditioning system, a Notice of Commencement is required when the value of work exceeds $7,500. (F.S. 713.13).  The City of Bradenton requires that the certified copy of the NOC be submitted to the Building Department before your first inspection.

Who is allowed to request an inspection?
Whoever is listed as the contractor of record on the permit application or their registered Authorized Agent.

How are inspections requested?
Inspections can be scheduled either by phone at 941-932-9423, online, or with one of the Permit Specialists by phone or in-person.

When I call for an inspection, when will it be performed?
The inspection will be performed on the date requested, with the exception of same-day or time-specific inspections which need to be approved by the inspector and have an additional fee of $150.

When are inspectors available?
Inspectors are generally available Monday-Friday from 7:30-8:30 a.m. and 2:00-3:30 p.m. Otherwise, they are in the field performing inspections and may not be readily available to answer their phones.

Do I need to request a final inspection?
All permit types need a final inspection. The final inspection provides closure to your permit and signals the completion of that project.

Do I need a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) or Certificate of Completion (CC)?
Generally all new construction, commercial additions, and change of occupancy require the issuance of a CO. If you are a homeowner doing repair work on your home you do not need a CO. For minor repairs or alterations, a Certificate of Completion (CC) can be issued upon request.

Does the City issue Temporary Certificates of Occupancy?
TCOs are issued for commercial work when non-life safety issues are pending and are typically for stocking purposes only. TCO’s must be approved by the Building Official prior to issuance.