City of Bradenton inspectors provide professional inspections for all trades and disciplines that require permits in the City of Bradenton jurisdiction, including structural, gas, plumbing, mechanical, electrical for residential and commercial dwellings, as well as compliance with community codes for manufactured housing and mobile homes.

Ways to schedule inspections
Building inspections can be scheduled three ways:

  1. By phone: 941-932-9423 - This number is also found on the back of your permit card. This is an automated phone line; you will not reach a live person at this number. You must have your inspection code number to schedule an inspection using this system. The inspection code is also located on the back of your permit. 
  2. Schedule inspections online
  3. With a permit specialist by phone or in-person. Please call 941-932-9414 to be transferred to a permit specialist.

Next-day inspections can be scheduled until 11:59 the night before using the online scheduling system.


NOTE: The building permit or copy shall be kept on the site of the work until the completion of the project (Florida Building Code 105.7 Placement of permit.) The project is completed only after all final inspections have been passed, including zoning where applicable.

Inspection Codes List is on the back of your permit.

Same-Day & Time-Specific Inspections

Same-day or Time-specific inspections may be available for a fee of $150, and are at the discretion and availability of the inspector.

Failed Inspections
Any inspection that is failed will need to be rescheduled for job completion. There is a $75 re-inspection fee.

Schedule Inspections And Make Payments On Line:

  • You will need your permit number and inspection code in order to schedule an inspection or make a payment online.
  • Inspection Codes can be found on the back of your permit card.
  • To schedule a zoning inspection, please email