Finance Department

The financial stability of the City begins with the Finance Department. This Department encompasses all accounting, financing, budget, grant and banking activities within the City. These financial functions are handled responsibly and accurately; proper tracking of funds is paramount. This Department includes, among other things, accounts payable, debt management, investment activities, and financial reporting. The department maintains all official accounting records and answers to the City Administrator and ultimately, the City Council.

The Department also prepares the budget and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and assists auditors during the annual audit of the City’s financial records.

Budget Adjustments

There are legal means to increase an adopted, authorized expenditure during the fiscal year. This includes filling out a Budget Adjustment form, and City Council approval if the budget adjustment exceeds $10,000 in a single line item. You can see our Budget Adjustments for the current year and also Budget Adjustment archives here.

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

An annual external audit culminates in the production of the City's Annual Comprehensive Financial Report. Bradenton's Report has been awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting by the Government Finance Officers' Association for 47 consecutive years. Bravo! 

2021 Report
2020 Report
2019 Report