How to do business with the City of Bradenton

For more information, please contact Procurement at (941) 932-9430.

New vendors must submit a W-9 form and can obtain this form from Marcus Kerber via email or by calling 941-932-9430. Vendors also need to provide a copy of their Liability Insurance Certification.

Also, please note the following language that must be included in all contracts as of Jan. 1, 2021, per the State of Florida's new E-VERIFY employment statute: 

E-VERIFY.  Section 448.09, Florida Statutes, makes it unlawful for any person to knowingly employ, hire, recruit, or refer, for private or public employment, an alien who is not duly authorized to work in the United States. Section 448.095, Florida Statutes, prohibits public employers, contractors, and subcontractors from entering into a contract unless each party to the contract registers and uses E-Verify.

The Contractor hereby represents that it is in compliance with the requirements of Sections 448.09 and 448.095, Florida Statutes.  The Contractor further represents that it will remain in compliance with the requirements of Sections 448.09 and 448.095 Florida Statutes, during the term of this contract.

The Contractor hereby warrants that it has not had a contract terminated by a public employer for violating Section 448.095, Florida Statutes, within the year preceding the effective date of this contract.  If the Contractor has a contract terminated by a public employer for any such violation during the term of this contract, it shall provide immediate notice thereof to the City.


Receiving Payments for Goods & Services

Vendors who provide goods and services to the City expect fair and timely payment for their efforts. The City’s Accounts Payable division ensures timely, transparent, and accurate payment of invoices, and follows all policies and procedures that are in place to verify vendor requests and payments are authorized, authenticated, and accounted for. The City is a tax exempt entity and does not pay Florida State Sales Tax. Vendors can use the Electronic Funds Transfer application to be paid electronically.