Local Business Tax

Welcome! The City of Bradenton is here to assist business owners in applying for the Local Business Tax as well as to answer any questions about doing so. Please feel free to contact the Local Business Tax desk in City Hall at (941) 932-9425 should you require further information. We welcome your comments and look forward to serving you.   


A Checklist: Forms Needed When Applying for the Local Business Tax - Here are the forms you need to successfully apply for Local Business Tax in the City of Bradenton. These forms are listed individually below.


Application for Local Business TaxThis form is the standard application used for all businesses. 

Merchant Inventory Value AffidavitThis form is required for merchant businesses (new merchandise only). The fee(s) due for a merchant are based on the value of inventory. This form attests to the value of the inventory so that the proper fee(s) can be determined. This form, if applicable, must be signed, notarized and returned with the Application for Local Business Tax.

Request for Fee Exemption - Florida Statute 205.055 provides special exemptions for military personnel and their families. If you believe you are exempt from Local Business Tax, fill out and submit this form.

Applicant must provide two (2) forms of identification, at least one with a picture, with the application as well as any applicable additional information requested on the application form. Contact the City of Bradenton Local Business Tax desk at (941) 932-9425 to determine if multiple Local Business Tax Receipts may be required for your business and for the fee(s) due for your type of business.


Frequently Asked Questions about Local Business Tax

LOCAL BUSINESS TAX...What is it? Who needs it? How do I get one?

What is the “Local Business Tax”?

Formerly known as “Occupational License”, a “Local Business Tax” is a tax for the privilege of engaging in business within the jurisdiction of the local governing authority.

Who is required to pay the “Local Business Tax”?

As outlined in Article IV of the City of Bradenton Code of Ordinances, anyone who transacts any business or engages in any occupation or profession within the city limits of Bradenton is required to pay the Local Business Tax.

What does it cost?

The amount due for the Local Business Tax varies based on the type of business. The fees due are determined at the time of application.

Are there any exemptions?

Per Florida statute, certain groups and/or persons may claim an exemption from the Local Business Tax. Feel free to contact the Local Business Tax desk in City Hall at (941)932-9425 regarding the details of available exemptions. 

What type of Local Business Tax am I required to pay?

Classifications are determined by the business being conducted. In some cases, more than one tax will be required for a single location. Contact the City of Bradenton Local Business Tax desk at (941)932-9425 to find out the classification for your business.

How do I apply for the “Local Business Tax”?

Applications are available on the city web site, www.cityofbradenton.com or at the Local Business Tax desk in City Hall. Applications must be accompanied by the additional information mentioned on the application form as well as any fees due.

Does the Local Business Tax require renewal?

Yes, Local Business Taxes are renewed annually based on a fiscal calendar. Renewal notices are mailed to businesses and must be received no later than September 30th to avoid penalties.

When will I receive my Local Business Tax Receipt?

Once processed Local Business Tax Receipts usually take no more than a week to issue (usually less) and are mailed directly to the business.


Per Florida statutes, businesses must comply with certain state requirements, prior to the issuance of a Local Business Tax Receipt. In many cases, proof these requirements have been met must accompany the application for Local Business Tax. Contact the City of Bradenton Local Business Tax desk at (941) 932-9425 if you have any questions or need further information.